About Us

Ima's Fashions came to be in 1964. Ima Garner, a former school teacher, bravely decided to open a store like no other. A store only for women. Ima, and her son Frank Guinn, opened their first store on 117 West Court Street. Soon after in 1968, business was booming, and they needed more room. So, they switched locations to 123 West Court Street where they became even more popular. Women would wait their turn patiently to go upstairs to shop, again because of the lack of space. The first item ever to be sold was a cute sunhat. The store was also the first to have a 50% off sale after Christmas and July 4th. Since business was growing even more, the store relocated to 309 West Garland Street on November 8, 1978 where business is now better than ever.
Ima's Fashions is known for its fine clothing with unique style.